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Affordable Tech Accessories for Kenyan Gamers: Must-Have Gear


Gaming has gained immense popularity in Kenya, with a thriving community of dedicated gamers. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the right tech accessories can significantly elevate your gaming experience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the top affordable tech accessories for Kenyan gamers, offering both quality and budget-friendliness.

1. Gaming Headsets:

A quality gaming headset is essential for an immersive gaming experience. Seek headsets with clear audio, noise-cancellation, and comfort for those marathon gaming sessions. Here’s a list of affordable gaming headsets available in Kenya:

  • Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset: Logitech, a trusted brand, is known for providing budget-friendly gaming peripherals.
  • Redragon H510 Zeus Gaming Headset: Redragon offers cost-effective gaming accessories, including headsets popular among gamers.
  • Tecware Q2 Gaming Headset: Tecware is another brand offering reasonably priced gaming gear, including headsets.
  • Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset: Corsair, renowned for quality gaming products, offers a more budget-friendly option.

    Remove term: Affordable gaming headsets Kenya Affordable gaming headsets Kenya
    Remove term: Affordable gaming headsets Kenya Affordable gaming headsets Kenya
  • HyperX Cloud Stinger: HyperX, a recognized name in gaming headsets, provides good value for its price.
  • Razer Kraken X: Razer, a popular gaming brand, offers an affordable headset option.
  • A4Tech Bloody G300 Gaming Headset: A4Tech offers various gaming peripherals, including budget-friendly headsets like the G300.

Please keep in mind that prices and availability may vary, so it’s wise to compare prices from different retailers and read reviews to ensure your chosen headset suits your gaming needs and budget.

2. Gaming Keyboards and Mice:

Responsive and customizable gaming keyboards and mice are crucial for gaining an edge in competitive gaming. Explore local options and online retailers for deals. Here are some popular gaming keyboard and mouse options available in Nairobi:

Gaming Keyboards:

  • Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Renowned for customizable switches and high performance.
  • Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT: Offers a premium experience with customizable RGB lighting.
  • SteelSeries Apex Pro: Features adjustable mechanical switches to match your preference.
  • Razer Huntsman Elite: Known for opto-mechanical switches and a comfortable wrist rest.
  • HyperX Alloy FPS Pro: Compact and portable, ideal for FPS gaming.

Gaming Mice:

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless: Praised for its lightweight design and accuracy.
  • Razer DeathAdder Elite: Offers a comfortable grip and high-precision sensor.
  • SteelSeries Rival 600: Known for its dual sensor system and customizable weight.
  • Corsair Dark Core RGB/SE: Features customizable side grips and wireless capability.
  • Glorious Model O: Recognized for its lightweight design and flexible cable.

Your choice of a gaming keyboard and mouse should align with your gaming preferences, hand size, and grip style, so consider these factors when making your selection.

3. Gaming Controllers:

For console gamers, having an extra or replacement controller is a wise decision. Look for affordable options compatible with popular consoles like PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

4. Gaming Monitors:

A high-quality gaming monitor can greatly enhance your gaming visuals. Consider monitors with fast refresh rates and low input lag. Here’s a list of some gaming monitors that were popular and of high quality in Kenya:

  • Asus ROG Swift PG279QZ: A 27-inch IPS gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, high refresh rates, and G-Sync compatibility for smooth gameplay.

    Affordable gaming monitors Kenya
    Affordable gaming monitors Kenya
  • AOC CQ32G1: A 32-inch curved gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync support.
  • Acer Predator XB271HU: A 27-inch IPS gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, G-Sync support, and fast refresh rates.
  • Dell Alienware AW3418DW: A curved ultra-wide gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, high refresh rates, and G-Sync.
  • LG 27GL83A-B: A 27-inch IPS gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, fast refresh rates, and compatibility with both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync.
  • Samsung Odyssey G7: Available in various sizes, including 27 and 32 inches, these monitors offer a 1440p resolution, high refresh rates, and excellent contrast ratios.
  • ViewSonic XG2402: A 24-inch gaming monitor with a 1080p resolution, fast refresh rates, and AMD FreeSync support, suitable for competitive gaming.
  • BenQ EX2780Q: A 27-inch gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, integrated speakers, and HDR support.
  • HP Omen X 27: A 27-inch gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, high refresh rates, and AMD FreeSync support.
  • MSI Optix MAG341CQ: A 34-inch curved gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution, 100Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync.

These were popular gaming monitor options; however, it’s essential to check with local retailers and online stores in Kenya for the most current models, availability, and pricing. When choosing a gaming monitor, consider factors such as your budget, desired screen size, resolution, refresh rate, and whether you prefer G-Sync or FreeSync compatibility based on your graphics card.

5. Gaming Chairs:

Comfort is vital during extended gaming sessions. Invest in a gaming chair that offers ergonomic support and adjustability. Look for local retailers or online shops with attractive deals.

6. Streaming and Recording Equipment:

If you’re into game streaming, consider budget-friendly equipment for recording and live streaming your gameplay. Search for webcams, microphones, and capture cards that fit your budget.


Enjoying your favorite games doesn’t have to strain your budget. Kenyan gamers have access to affordable tech accessories that meet their gaming needs without compromising quality. Whether you’re in Nairobi, Mombasa, or anywhere else in Kenya, these accessories are readily available online. Elevate your gaming gear and take your gaming experience to new heights without emptying your wallet. Happy gaming!

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