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Apple Wired Keyboard With Numeric Keypad MB110LL/A Aluminum

Apple Wired Keyboard With Numeric Keypad MB110LL/A Aluminum  in Nairobi Kenya.

The Apple Wired Keyboard A1243 MB110LL/A keyboard is a fully functional wired keyboard designed by Apple for use with all Apple and Mac computers. Originally developed for the fifth-generation aluminum iMac desktop computer, it can also provide full keyboard functionality — most notably with the numeric keypad — to any Macintosh device, including iPhone and iPad devices with a proper wireless adapter. This makes the MB110LL/A line of keyboards an excellent choice for any Mac user.

Thanks to its use of a standard USB port, the MB110LL/A also works on Windows and Linux machines without the need for additional software or hardware.The Apple MB110LL/A keyboard was originally developed in 2007 as a companion device for the anodized aluminum iMac. As such, it features an anodized aluminum surface. In addition to looking great, it is resistant to dirt, microbes, and scratches. The MB110LL/A is designed in response to iMac users asking for more functionality in their standard keyboards. Not only does the MB110LL/A include a full numeric keypad, but it also has a full set of arrow keys, function keys, and a Command key.

This Command option was specifically designed for use in Mac OS and has been present on all Macintosh models since 1984. It is used to access the Mac OS menu and other important functions.The MB110LL/A is designed for use in any standard work environment. Despite being a full-sized keyboard, it is extremely small, with no space wasted anywhere on the keyboard. Apple planned for the MB110LL/A to be ideal in tight spaces and light enough to be carried around comfortably.

As such, it weighs only 1 pound. Additionally, knowing the issues that can be caused in a noisy office, Apple chose to make the MB110LL/A completely silent. This enables users to type without making a sound, and the short travel keys are very easy to use. Additionally, the layout is designed with optimized ergonomics to prevent repetitive stress injuries, and the keyboard is at the ideal height for preventing pressure on your wrists.The MB110LL/A has two USB ports, enabling it to daisy chain with the mouse or another input device while still leaving a port open for a digital camera or other accessories.

The cable is long, enabling the attached computer to be put behind or beneath the desk if needed. It has a slim form factor which, in addition to looking great, helps ensure that the keyboard is rigid and strong without needing to be large or heavy.The Apple MB110LL/A is an excellent data entry device optimized for use with Macintosh computers.

Lightweight and small enough to be carried around, it enables users to turn any Macintosh laptop into a fully functional machine while also being perfectly at home in any office environment. Its two USB plugs are ideal for small accessories like a mouse, and they eliminate the need to hunt on the back of the machine just to insert a USB drive or connect a phone to transfer data.

Product Identifiers

  • Brand Apple
  • MPN MB110LL/A, MB110LLA
  • UPC 0885909173822
  • Model A1243

Product Key Features

  • Color Silver
  • Keyboard Layout QWERTY (Standard)
  • Connectivity Wired, USB
  • Keyboard Language English
  • Material Aluminum
  • Type Slim


  • Apple Wired Keyboard

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